The National Center for Research and Technological Development (CERTH), one of the largest research centers in Greece, was established in 2000. It is a non-profit private legal entity supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religions. CERTH has significant scientific and technological achievements in many areas such as: Energy, Environment, Industry, Engineering, Information & Communications, Transport & Sustainable Mobility, Health, Agro-Biotechnology, Intelligent Agriculture, as well as in several interdisciplinary areas. The Institute of Information Technology and Communications (ITIP) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization under the auspices of GSRT. in Greece, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since March 2000 he has been a founding member of CERTH CERTH / ITITIS. is one of the leading foundations in Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with extensive experience in many European and national research projects. It operates in a large number of research areas such as Security and Tracking, Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Human-Machine Interaction, Virtual and Enhanced Reality, Multimedia, Databases and Information Systems and Analysis of Social Networks. Since its founding, CERTH has participated in over 175 research projects funded by the European Commission (IST FP5-FP6-FP7 & H2020) and more than 160 research projects funded by Greek National Programs, as well as Consultancy Contracts Subcontracting with the private sector. Over the past 10 years, ITITI’s scientific work includes 278 scientific publications in international journals, more than 600 conferences and 101 books and book chapters. The entire scientific work has been reported more than 6,500 times.


The Research and Standards Testing Center (KDEP- is directly subordinated to the Deputy CEO of the Public Electricity Company (PPC) SA. and houses the research center and the central laboratories of the PPC group. The services offered by TSRC include tests in its laboratories, certifications, researches, inspections at the premises of the PPC Group Units, instrument calibrations, special studies, applications and analyzes, specialized consulting studies and inspections of materials and equipment for the quality control of existing purchase of materials and equipment of all kinds of facilities.

The operation of TSRC is not limited to meeting the needs of PPC. On the contrary, it has expanded and satisfies the needs of a high scientific level and specialized requirements in the wider Public Sector as well as in the Greek industries. It should be noted that TSRC is able to carry out safely and reliably all of the above activities not only on its premises but also on the products and on site at the premises of its customers. TSRC is accredited by the National Accreditation System according to the standards ISO 17020 and ISO 17025. TSRC has 14 modern laboratories that perform more than 500 tests according to European and International standards. It employs high level scientific staff together with the corresponding craftsmen. Indicatively, it is mentioned that 12 staff members have a doctorate in natural sciences and engineering sciences with extensive research experience. TSRC  has participated in various European research projects in the past such as CAPSOL, CASTOR, CESAR, iCap (related to carbon sequestration and storage), Green e-motion, MERGE (Mobile Energy Resources for Grids) of Electricity), HiPER (hydrogen fusion program with inertial plasma retention using laser beams to generate electricity) etc.


The parent company TWI was founded in 1946, has offices and educational institutions around the world and is one of the leading non-profit research and technology organizations with revenues of 69M euros (2016). It has offices in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and the United States. The company has a staff of about 800 people specializing in materials processing technologies, advanced welding, materials science and inspections of structures and structural integrity. The services it offers include applied research and consulting support in relevant technological fields, technological / mechanical design, standard development and training and accreditation services. TWI has more than 600 subscribers, including giant companies such as BP, ExxonMobil, Rolls Royce, Airbus, General Electric, Jaguar Land Rover.

The newly established (03-2018) TWI-Hellas Urban Non-Profit Company is a subsidiary of TWI Ltd UK, specializing in the scientific and technological fields of robotics, data science and systems integration and is engaged in conducting basic research, industrial research or experimental development and dissemination of results through training activities, publications or technology transfer. The goal of TWI-Hellas is for research results to lead to the development of autonomous systems that can be applied horizontally to different types of industries, from ship inspections and robotic pipeline and refinery inspections to smart systems in healthcare, such as data mixing technologies prosthetic members.


AUTOPSY project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE

The project stared on July 2020 and will be completed on January 2023T

The scientific responsible and coordinator of the project is Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras form CERTH-ITI